Your baby needs lots of love - and a super cute outfit !

In My Baby 3 and Friends you will reveal your nurturing side and give your baby all the love and attention needed to grow and develop. You are mommy of your own adorable little baby. First customize your baby by choosing the gender and theselect the hairstyle eye color skin color and an outfit. Then watch your baby grow and squeal with delight as you playwith cuddle and care for him or her.

Share wonderful newmoments with your baby and stimulate your baby with games as youdiscover new activities and environments together while taking care ofall your baby's needs.

Interact with Your Baby - Use the TouchScreen Stylus and even microphone to interact with your baby in new and exciting ways at any time - including talking to your baby and giving your baby a hug Care For and Stimulate Your Baby -Change bathe feed cuddle and play with your baby.