Rotastic previews part II – English articles


Rotastic ships tomorrow on XBLA so reviews should be coming soon. We keep our fingers crossed since the preview have been really postitive so far!

A + E Interactive

“It may not sound like much, but the gameplay works surprisingly well. It’s elegant, smooth. [...] When done right, the movement is captivatingly graceful.”


“Well is it good?
It’s better than good, it’s Ro-f#$%ing-tastic. ”

Pixelated geek

“Rotastic was a pleasant surprise. I’d keep an eye on this one.”

Disciplined Monkey Studios

“Versus is limited to four players, but my match was still a fantastic time. I am really looking forward to trying out the single player”

Raging Nerds

“There’s a spot of magic I think the gaming world has forgotten, and Rotastic has found it once again.”


“Thankfully, a simple game Rotastic can really stand out in one’s mind after a grueling day at E3.  And when it comes to gaming, simplicity can be next to divinity.”


“believe us when we say you’ll want to give it a — wait for it — spin when it launches”